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07 January 2010 @ 04:11 pm
 I have not said anything for awhile now. Perhaps writing to myself is just not that exciting. So what is there to talk about? Politics?Hmmm. Only thing I can think of is that the whole health care deal is such crap. Perhaps there are some good things but the whole thing is just another broken campaign promise of our super wonderful president. He said that it was to be talked about in the open, but now the house and senate are wheelin and dealin behind closed doors, even C-Span has asked for it to be open to the public. You know they are just adding in little scams here in there and favors for their rich-ass buddies. I mean it would be nice if they were just cleaning up health-care and getting rid of preconditions but the fact that they are forcing everyone to buy healthcare is just criminal. I'm glad i get health care through work but I wonder if it will end up messing my stuff up? Or will it just fuck over the younger single folks with no jobs who really can't afford it, or the poor people who can't afford it, I wonder how much the government subsidies will actually help those people and how much it will screw them over to use such subsidies? Oh well good luck with all that. The democrats really suck big time. Obama and Pelosi really are evil little puppets. Not to leave out the Republicans they suck just as much or worse. Every time one of those jackasses mentions the constitution and how the new admin is trampling all over it just proves how much of an idiotic hypocrit they are. I mean we never heard them complain when the last admin of Bush and co. were pissing all over it....hmmm....Eff them all and their fake ass puppet show of a fixed government. Oh yeah and Tucson drivers drive like complete A-holes.....lets tailgate,pass, and cut off people just to get up to the red light first. Eff them too...
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06 February 2009 @ 07:10 am
This is going to be quick. Michael Phelps smoking pot is not a bad thing. If anything it proves pot should be legal. Read this: http://www.reason.com/news/show/131438.html

Also Christian Bales so called rant is not that big of a deal. The dude he was freaking out at probably deserved it.

Also the bail out package is big scam just like the last one.

Obama does not care about you. "Yes we can" was just a slogan to pound into your pathetic little heads.

The left and right blow.

Im glad I have a job still.

Good luck everyone.
04 November 2008 @ 04:48 pm
I voted today. It was fun. I voted for Russell Means for President. He is not even running. I was going to vote for Nader or Baldwin but what the hell. I went with who I actually thought gave a crap about us. Russell Means is actually running for the President of the Sioux Nation. I wish him luck. As far as the national puppet election goes I really don't care. I guess it would be better if Obama wins. Maybe we won't die in a nuclear war in 2 years then. I think he will win and all the Democrats will be happy for awhile. Then they will realize they were betrayed cause Obama is just like any other Washington elected official. Just another puppet, elected to appease the masses for a bit while the big plan continues on schedule. Goodbye America. It was a neat little experiment. A couple hundred years was very impressive. People actually believed they were free. Can't wait for the NWO. It wouldn't be so bad if they would just legalize the herb. Anyways besides voting for President their were various Senators and Legislators and other local and state government officials. I voted for the 2 Libertarians and the 1 Green for what ever they were running for. Then I wrote in a bunch of Star Wars characters and various other write ins. Like im gonna vote for any Republicrate/Demican. Well it will be what it will be. Hopefully when the shit hits where ever,  there will still be enough food around. I don't feel like learning how to hunt and farm or ward off rogue gangs. At least there is a Sports Authority across the street and I can loot a shot gun and some ammo when/if it gets down to it.....hoard a lot of dried fruits and beef jerky.......blah blah...
Maybe Russell will win and I can rest easy. It would be nice though if the shit gets bad maybe then the people will force the government to allow an actually election to take place where we can listen to a variety of people that actually have something to say instead of the endless one liners that both of our puppet turds of candidates keep spewing from their puppet controlled mouths. Ah Yeah. Chingachgook for President.

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14 May 2008 @ 04:05 pm
... was awesome. Had a blast. It was fun hiking around and constantly being bombarded with breathtaking scenery. We got to hang out in a watchtower. Walk through some ruins. Eat good food. Play some pool and air hockey. Saw the sunset at the Canyon. We saw some California Condors. There were 60 that were released. We even saw a guy who worked for the people who released them and was tracking them.  All went well. Good to be back. So now for the conspiracy of the day which OCD has been dying to read:\
It is gonna be a quickie. And I am going to be direct and I am not going to back up anything I say with any facts. I'm just going to come out and say it. Global warming is a lie. Yes that is correct. And what I am really saying is that human-made global warming is a complete fraud. The earth may be warming up. I'll buy that the polar caps are melting more and more each year. But it is not because of human  beings and our technology and wastefulness. It is due to the mighty Sun. Yes that big giant ball of fire in the sky. Al Gore is a fraud. Over half of his scientists he uses to back up his claims have already left and are saying it is the sun. Look it up if you can find it. Lots of people are jumping on board the global warming bandwagon because it is a good way to tax us to death and put even more people in poverty. They want a carbon tax that will only hurt the non super rich. People like Al Gore who use more energy in a year then most people will use in a lifetime. He is such a hypocrite it is not even funny. He lives like a king sucking up energy then goes around telling you to pay a tax to save the world. Sure buddy. Sure. Now there is nothing wrong in using better energy and recycling and not polluting. These are things we should be doing already. But we should not tell you that it is your fault and now you should pass a bill which taxes you even more. We could have easily developed the technology to not be using oil and gas but it has been suppressed by the oil industry and the car industry and the super rich elitists. And I bet you anything Al Gore has been right there with them. Only now he is speaking out because all these people are going to make even more money once they get a carbon tax in place. Thats right. If you don't believe well too bad. Look it up or follow the band. And I definitely think we need to stop polluting and all have electric flying cars. Because that was the future promised us as kids. They lied!!! I want my non-polluting hover car. Stop holding back the technology and free us!!!!!!! I shall leave you with the Canyon. Adios!
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01 May 2008 @ 01:29 pm
So what's the news? What is new? What is going on? A whole lot of nothing. That is what. I am pretty much waiting around. I need a new phone number then ill try temp/employment agency that the U of A uses to staff their temporary positions. So really I'm browsing the news today and I see lots of crap. Really. I'm sure this is no surprise. Crap in the news? No way! You have got too be kidding me. No I'm telling you, lots of crap. So some random stuff I've read about really revolve around our upcoming election. And all the news is really about Clinton and Obama. And they are really focusing in on the whole Rev. Wright thing. And really I think it is all part of the act. The play, the big orchestrated fraud that is our election system. From day one as soon as it was announced that Clinton was thinking of running I figured she was the elites pick. Why not continue the monarchy resembling trend we got going? I mean really most people my age can not remember a time when a Clinton or a Bush was not in office. That is just sad. If Clinton wins that would mean another 4 years at least. And if the Clinton's get power there is no way they are going to give it up. Not a chance. So that would be 4 years of Bush Sr., 8 years of Slick Willy, 8 of W, then a possible 8 more of Hill Dog. That is 28 years! Plus the 8 of Sr. Bush as V.P. that is 32 years! Does that even come close to a democratically elected Presidency of our great land? That doesn't sound just the tiniest bit fishy? So back to this Rev. Wright stuff; it just seems so conveniently timed for him to come out again and give a big ole speech expanding upon his controversial views just as Clinton is making her big comeback. I mean are you really falling for this? This is so scripted it is not even funny. I am saying this as an independent myself. I care not for any of the candidates. Clinton, Obama, McCain. They all are elitist and evil and will only further themselves and their rich buddies aims. That is my opinion anyway. Another thing I just wanted to mention that was in the news. The D.C. madam supposedly committed suicide after being found guilty. She said she didn't want to go to jail and supposedly would bring down a bunch of politicians with her. Of course she commits suicide before revealing any names. She was the madam whose escort service catered to members of Washington's political elite, including Sen. David Vitter, a Louisiana Republican. This is just a small example of how the elite are knee deep in corruption and ill tell you there is no way Deborah Jeane Palfrey killed herself. People in high places had her "suicided". I wonder who else was using her services that did not want to be known.......? Well that is all I got to say about browsing the news. Even though the election is fixed I'm going to vote for either Nader or some other third party candidate. At least then I voted for someone that may actually care about us, the country, and the world.
Conspiracy of the Day: Read above.
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21 April 2008 @ 12:41 pm
So my first attempt to enter the Arizona library world did not really happen. I did talk to the circ desk worker at a near bye public division branch. I was told to come by tomorrow too apply for a part time shelving job. Yes the bottom of the barrel. There is a job in May that can be applied for as well which I believe is a circulation desk job. She was very nice. She gave me a number to a HR Librarian for the public library system. Perhaps I shall call. She also suggested just going to the University Library and other museum libraries and just talking about my situation. So perhaps OCD and I shall make a trip to some libraries one of these days and see what happens. Of course there just has to be a Library Science program here at the University of Arizona. Curse the competition!! What ever. I'm sure something will fall into place for us eventually. Hopefully eventually isn't too long. We need to get our own car soon. And start paying back those damn horrible loans. I place a curse upon thee you evil loans!! I can't wait for those to come up again. I think ive got about 2 months before they want payments again....of course I am more then ready to go "can't afford it sorry, defer, defer, defer...." Thats right I care not. Let your interest build up and up and up. So I am enslaved for life. Well you may nag me all you want but I shall just defer, defer, defer....I curse thee thrice!!!!!!! Ah much better. So yeah a job would be pretty cool.
Conspiracy of the day: Marijuana was made illegal too make industrial hemp illegal. That is right. I'm just going to throw it out there. Of course today more and more Hemp laws are being passed now that the idiots are starting to realize that it is different from marijuana. But a lot of companies like Hearst were lobbying for hemp and marijuana which is cannabis to be made illegal. Maybe because they could have made fuel, paper, oils, clothes, and about 5000 other things from hemp. Could have you know had cars running on hemp oh about  80 years ago avoiding the entire middle east crisis and saving millions of lives. But you know making billions of dollars by a few rich scum bags is much more important. Oh yeah no one ever died from pot. Such a scam. You don't even have to smoke these days. It's called cooking or even vaporizing. Whoa. Where am I going with this......Legalize cannabis. Thank you.
And that is your conspiracy of the day.
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11 April 2008 @ 02:30 pm
We are losing our hair. First almost all of my hair disappears, then earlier today about half of OCD's hair goes missing. What diabolical scheme has taken place? I believe our hair has decided to up and run on us due to anticipated weather conditions that will be occurring in the near future. The first 90 degree weather is coming our way and by way of electronic feeds our hair has obtained this information. My hair acted immediately. First thing in the morning after showering my hair called up his personal contact Mr. Clippers and obtained a free escape from my head via a 3/4 inch attachment. The hair met up in a plastic shopping bag stationed in the Cactiland apartment sink. Then took the first flight out of the apartment to el dumpster. That was last I saw of my shaggy doo. Now just as I was thinking that this was a freak one time occurrence  OCD and I were just walking around town when all of a sudden her hair whips around the corner and opens a glass portal to another hair dimension. Her hair proceeds to the escape chair. Straps in and a mysterious alien being threatens to choke OCD with a plastic blanket device strapped to her neck, then the silver blades were ordered down by her hair and just as the hair was getting close to reaching the end of her back the silver blades set them free. After the escape OCD was released back into the streets and we proceeded to lunch. My short hair and her shoulder length hair is all that remains of this strange event.
Conspiracy of the Day: JFK. Oh yes I'm going there. But it will be quick and to the point. There is no way JFK was killed by a lone gunman. Lee Harvey Oswald could not have done it alone. If he fired a shot it was the ones that missed from behind or the neck shot. The kill shot came from the front. Back and to the left. That is all I have to say. The movement his head made was clearly from the front. And it likely came from the grassy knoll. The hair can attest to the fact. Yes the hair knows it too be true because the hair was blown out from the bullet flying out. But what ever. We will probably never know the truth. One person even confessed to the crime and he is in jail. He could be full of it but google James Files if your interested. And that is your conspiracy of the day. And of course there is the conspiracy of our runaway hair. Who knows what devious plans our hair has set in motion........
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01 April 2008 @ 03:22 pm
Blessed is he who can sniff the freshness of desert air. No more gaseous fumes mixed with urine and subway steam. No more beggars at every corner. Perhaps I can ride a bike again and not have it stolen. Perhaps I can find a job and make a living and pay back those blood sucker college loan companies/government. Either way as long as I have OCD sidekick and Ultimate Boo Boo near bye I shall persevere. Lots of beer helps too. And then there are books, movies, music, and video games. Yes I am most definitely on top of this whole finding a job dealio. So in between OCD and I playing the who can out get on the others nerves for awhile Im sure jobs will pop up. I can see us playing the who can drive each other crazy game only so long. She usually wins. All the while Ultimate is cold chillin in her rocker. Oh sweet sweet beer. You go so well with the sun and the cacti and the pool across the way. Yes the pool. That is something OCD needs to do soon before the death heat arrives. Get a swimsuit, so we can chilleth by the pool and take a dip to cool off. That will be most pleasant. Oh and the real fun will be unpacking and putting all the books on the book shelves. My method would be as follows: step 1 -  open box, step 2 - grab handful of books, step 3 -  place on nearest book shelf at the most convenient height, step 4 - repeat till box is empty, step 5 - move on to next box and repeat the entire process till there are no more books or no more shelf space then begin stacking books next to cases. Yeah that will not be happening with OCD. Her plan will be light years ahead of me with schematics and blueprints and everything will be alphabetized by authors last name in their respective genres. And we have like 30 boxes of books. Yee gads!!!! Well anyhow it is great to be out of crazy land and into cactus land. That is all. Conspiracy of the day: Chemtrails. Yes there are lots of "chemtrails" out here in the desert. What are these "chemtrails" that I speak of? Well lots of planes fly bye way up in the sky. These planes have a white trail behind them. Some folks think that these are actually chemicals being sprayed out of the planes and not the natural contrails or vaportails. The main difference being that normal contrails are supposed to dissipate after awhile while the chemtrails stay behind forever and just hang out for a long time. If you want to read more about chemtrails or natural contrails just look the words up in wikipedia. They give a nice description. Well that is all for your conspiracy of the day. Until next time (which usually takes awhile, it usually requires OCD to remind me) this is Fuentez signing off. Adios from CACTILAND.

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05 March 2008 @ 08:31 pm
So today I shredded taxes from 1993 to 2001. They were intermingled with all of my school work from the University of Idaho and Drexel University. Well that work is now in the trash and my tax information has been turned into ribbons. I did this after another round of cataloging donation books at the PMA. Got one more bundle left and I will have caught up. Then I can perhaps do a little books shifting for them before I move. So yeah. That is about all I feel like saying. Oh yeah the daily conspiracy. Well here is a real conspiracy that I believe is completely true because it is true. And that is our elections are rigged. Sorry. Don't mean to burst your little fantasy bubble that we actually vote for our elected officials. All im going to say is that this whole primary race has been a shame. When the media completely ignores a candidate and purposely does not even mention his name because they are owned by the global elitist scum bags it is oh so clear. I am of course talking about Ron Paul. The only candidate for the Republicans against the war, NAFTA, IRS, UN, Federal Reserve, etc....So when ever the media would say who is left in the race they would just happen to leave his name out. When he raised more money in a single day then any candidate ever in the history of friggin all history ever recorded ever ever ever, did the media even give it more the 10 seconds. No. They did not. When Ron Paul was beating Rudy Guliani did they mention it? Did they mention when he got second place victories? No. Not a peep. Clear deliberate black balling of a legitimate candidate who cares more about you and me then any of those others. Sorry but Obama, Clinton, McCain, and the others would leave you bleeding in the middle of the road, drive around you, and laugh about it as they count their money. So soon it will be just focused on the two party race. Pick evil scum number one or evil scum number two. That is bull@#$@. I will vote for Ralph Nader because he is the only one left that cares. Yadda Yadda Yadda.....
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28 February 2008 @ 03:30 pm
It is friggin freezing! What is with this winter. One day it is 60 degrees the next it is 40, then 30, then 50, then 19, then 6, then 48, then 35, then 47, then 31, and now it's 28 with a windchill of 16. Now, it is interesting while walking in essentially a giant loop I get every direction and varying degree of gusting wind that is occuring out there along with shady and sunny areas, and all of them are friggin freezing. You know it is cold when you get a brain freeze and your wearing a beanie and are not drinking anything cold. Well with that it is time for our daily conspiracy. Now this one I believe is absolutely ridiculous. But I was reading this post about it and it linked to a video of Nibiru orbited by Planet X. Here is a quote to explain, "Presented in this video are some photos of what many people call Nibiru and Planet X. They are very real and my evidence is pure fact. What many people do not realise, is that Nibiru is infact a dark star, about half the size of our Sun. It has a number of large planets and moons orbiting around it, one of which is Planet X. It's kind of like a mini solar system. These objects are heading towards us, as they have done in the distant past. These objects will become visible to every human on Earth within the next couple of years. Some time around 2012/13, these objects will be closer to us than our own Sun, and will dominate the daytime and nighttime sky. Another fact many people do not know about, is that Planet X is an inhabited planet. The US government knows this, and are infact in contact with them because this is not just a catastrophic event for us, it is for them aswell. Many people can be saved, but actions need to be taken NOW. If we leave it to the last minute, it will be to late. Within the next few years, nobody will be able to hide the fact these objects are heading towards us, because they will be seen by everyone and will grow larger as they approach us. Global panic is unavoidable and this event is unavoidable." Wow. Truely a special discovery right there. If you didn't know, this was talked about in 2001 by a group called Zetans or something like that. Basically some lady(who is regularly visited by aliens) thought that Planet X was coming close to earth in 2001 and was going to reverse the magnetic polarity of earth causing catastrophies. I guess the conspiracy is taking on newcomers and have now bumped it back to 2012 just in time to coincide with the Mayan calendar ending. Oh yeah....it is coming!!! LOL....anyway if you want to see this amazing video that will make you a believer check it out for yourself.  http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/3008/Nibiru___Planet_X_photos_taken_January_2008/
Too funny. Actually I would be amazed if you actually read this far. Thanks and goodnight.
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